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  • Find your own way of teaching with technology

    07 ноября 2016 | Категории: Новости

    17th November, 12:00 – 13:30 (Moscow time)

    Wondering how to place your students at the right level in a most time-and cost-effective way? Or maybe you’ve already done so and are now facing the challenge of managing homework day in day out? Whatever moment of the teaching process you’re at now, there’s technology to help you make the most of your teaching time!

    In the first session we will be discussing the hottest teaching topics of these days, including turning students’ mobile devices into learning apps, managing homework to inform teaching, measuring progress effectively and providing objective and formative assessment to help personalize learning. That’s to name just a few.

    In Anna’s talk we discuss how to comfort digitally native students and yet develop their language competence and exam-taking skills to achieve high EGE scores. How to spice up EGE preparation lessons in the modern digital society? How not to slide to boring exam drilling? The presentation will give you insights on incorporating online training into exam classroom to ensure successful preparation for all parts of EGE in English.

    Come to see more!

    Guest Speakers:

    • Marek Jędryka is a Pearson Teacher Trainer and Product Manager. He has more than 15 years’ experience as a teacher of English at both state and private schools. He has worked for teacher training institutions and programmes, international business companies, and language schools. He is interested in using technology in schools, universities and libraries and strongly believes that it enhances efficacy and stimulates motivation.
      Currently, Marek is engaged in a number of projects including the creation of Pearson Centre in Moscow in Innostranka Library. He also travels to many countries, liaises with teachers and gives presentations and workshops focused on modern technology in learning and teaching.
    • Anna Pochepaeva, PhD, DELTA, LCCI FTBE, is a master-trainer and Oral Examiner of Pearson Test of English from Moscow, Russia, currently working as a teacher-trainer and LCCI project manager in Language 360 Ltd., Pearson official partner in books and exams. Since 2012 Anna Pochepaeva has co-authored several best-selling books for Russian State Exams, including a best-seller “EGE. Oral Part. Tests” with a computer-based exam imitator/trainer.

    You are welcomed to take part in online session of the event. The streaming will be available at www.language360.ru. Certificates to all participants!