Upstream Elementary A2 DVD

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    Upstream Beginner A1+ to Proficiency C2 are complete courses for learners studying English from Beginner to Proficiency levels. They aim at the development of all four skills through a variety of communicative tasks, while allowing for a flexibility of approach which make them suitable for all classes, including large or mixed-ability groups. The key language is regularly recycled, achieving active, holistic and humanistic learning. Their syllabi reflect the guidelines of the Council of Europe Framework. Key Features Include: — Theme-based units from a wide variety of authentic sources in five modules. — Systematic development of all four language skills through realistic, challenging tasks which encourage learners’ personal engagement. — The target vocabulary of each unit is presented in a meaningful context, using visual/auditory aids, and is activated and extended throughout the unit. — Variety of authentic, appealing, informative texts and natural everyday dialogues, which constitute a wide range of text types. — Exploring Grammar: Students are allowed to explore the new structures, find examples and complete the rules themselves, so that new information can be anchored in their long-term memory. Students extend their grasp of grammar functions through a range of structured tasks. — Everyday English sections: these enable students to practise real-life communication strategies. Functional structures associated with realistic situations are practised in wide variety of communicative tasks. — Literature extracts provide students with the opportunity to enjoy literature in authentic form. — The writing sections have been carefully designed to ensure that students develop their writing skills in a systematic manner. — Culture Clips: students have the opportunity to read short texts about aspects of life in English-speaking countries. These texts also act as a springboard to promote cultural individuality.






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